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If you care at all about your local music scene PLEASE read...

So, it seems that our esteemed City Council President Peter Steinbruck
might be 'flexible' on his support of passing the AADO (all ages dance ordinance) with no changes. Because of this, on the table at today's committee meeting on the AADO are proposals to add a bottom age limit, a curfew, a police requirement, an insurance requirement, outside security, a readmission fee, and stricter criminal penalties for violating any of the rules.

This means that if you are under 14, you will not be allowed to dance in
Seattle, and may not be allowed to see concerts.  If you are over 14,
but under 18, you will need to get State id to dance.  If you are at a
venue and want to leave to get fresh air, a drink of water, use the
bathroom, or eat, you will have to pay half of the admission fee to
re-enter.  If you are a promoter you will have to hire 'outside'
security companies to work your events - which means hiring people you don't know, who don't know you, have little or no experience with your type of event and cost twice as much per hour as security who would work directly for you.  You might also be required to hire off duty Police, giving the Police the power to decide which events happen or not, and meaning that mixed-use venues will now be illegal since Police are not allowed to work at bars. 

We may also be faces with a midnight curfew for dances, meaning if you are at a 'dance', the kids have to be put on the street at midnight,
where they can stay all night (since there is no general curfew, only
one for the evil 'dance' events), or go to a concert or rave, just not a

Promoters who violate this law can be jailed for up to 90 days!  Because someone danced!

The AADO already provides that promoters of all ages dances have trained security, and more security than the current TDO (teen dance ordinance) requires.  And it also requires background checks for promoter, among a slew of other laws. It is a law which allows all ages dances but requires they happen in a safe environment.  The AADO came out of a process the City Council started which involved youth, parents, the Police, The Fire Department, the Mayors office, the City Attorney's office, music community professionals and kids.  The law is sensible and solid.  The Council is now trying to ignore the work of this task force and create a law which is worse than we currently have, one which will put a stop to our evolving all ages music scene.

We are faced with a campaign by City Council Member Margaret Pageler, who is proposing nothing short of fascist regulations on the music community because of people's fear of kids, and a music culture they don't understand.  Ms. Pageler has seemed to have sucked Mr. Steinbruck into her oppressive world view due to an overwhelming number of letters they have received from 'community' groups.  These groups are largely people who have moved into Pioneer Square, an historic music district, who now want to live in a 'quiet' neighborhood - which means one lacking the vitality of a culturally vibrant city. 

Make no mistake, this new AADO is meant to stop ALL all ages events in Seattle.  It will not regulate them as the AADO would, it will make them impossible to happen, which is just what the Downtown Seattle Residence Council and their ant-culture cronies like Ms. Pageler want.

BUT, your letter can make a difference.  Please write to Peter
Steinbruck, tell him to vote the right way, the same way he did twice in
the past. And write the rest of the council, demanding they pass the
AADO with NO AMENDMENTS.  And then write the Mayor and ask him to veto any AADO with Amendments.  Your voiced must be heard and they must be heard today!!! Please email or call the council immediately!

Here are the email addresses.  Phone numbers are at
-(206) 684-8804

And encourage the Mayor to veto any ordiance with a bottom age limit,
police requirements, curfew etc.  You helped elect him and he promised
to pass the AADO, now let's hold him to his word!

Phone: (206) 684-4000
Fax: (206) 684-5360

More information on the TDO (teen dance ordinance) and the AADO (all ages dance ordinance)
King 5 did an intresting story on this, mostly old people saying seattle will be chaos if kids are allowed to dance (remind anyone of footlose?)